Introducing a sensory odyssey that blurs the boundaries of art and fragrance with our mesmerising Artist Series Collection. This curated collection of five limited edition candles is the result of a captivating collaboration between ANBO and visionary local artists from ArtFaculty who dared to dream beyond the ordinary. Each candle is a masterpiece that encapsulates the artist's essence, translating their creative expressions into fragrant symphonies.

From the profound depths of "Metamorphic Tranquillity" to the surreal landscapes of "Wonderland," each candle is an open invitation to immerse yourself in a realm where scents and stories intertwine. Engage with the soothing embrace of "Pocketful of Sunshine" and explore the ethereal allure of "Senses." Finally, step into the enigmatic world of "Everything Reminds Me Of Him," where time and form merge in an artistic embrace. As you explore each candle, you'll uncover a journey of emotions, memories, and thought-provoking concepts. The intricate artwork that adorns each candle becomes a canvas for storytelling, evoking emotions that go beyond the visual.